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Skincare treatments are not limited to the face only. The skin all over our bodies needs to be cared for as well. We offer relaxing and rejuvenating skin treatments for the entire boy, or specific problem areas.

Back Facial (1 hr)

Often a neglected area, the back and shoulders are deeply cleansed and purified, exfoliated and moisturized to relieve congestion and reduce acne breakouts. This treatment is great for athletes, and anyone who suffers from back acne.

Vajafacial (45 mins)

The vajacial is a 45 minute service, performed where the pubic hair grows, focusing on the bikini line, the top, and the outer labia. It exfoliates the dead skin, cleans the pores and kills the bacteria, at the same time as it reintroduces the hydration of the skin. It prevents acne and helps maintain the skin healthy and hydrated. The vajacial helps fight off skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation and scars.

Body Polish (25 mins)
Our licensed esthetician will use salt or sugar-based product to gently exfoliate the skin. Body polish is a stimulating procedure that provides the following benefits:

  • increases skin hydration
  • removes dead skin cells
  • clears blemishes
  • reveals healthy, glowing skin
  • reduces stress
  • increases product penetration
Body Wrap (30 mins)
Body wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. Benefits of body wraps include:

  • detoxification
  • boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism
  • body contouring
  • skin tightening
  • skin softening
Body Polish & Body Wrap (60 min)

This fully customized treatment begins with a good all-over exfoliation in order to remove dead skin cells and prepare skin for application of other products. Our licensed esthetician will then apply a mask all over the body, before cocooning it from the shoulders to the ankles in a warm, insulating material designed to raise the body’s temperature. The extra heat will aid with the absorption of the mask’s active ingredients into the skin. Our trained professionals will help you pick the right products to address your concerns, such as skin tightening, weight loss, relaxation, etc.