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Massage therapy is a great way to treat the body and the mind at the same time. Our licensed massage therapists apply a blend of European and Oriental techniques to traditional Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone massage styles to achieve what we believe to be an elite massage experience. Targeted sports stretching and therapeutic massage practices can help you to achieve the relaxation and wellness you seek.

Swedish Massage (30/60/90 mins)

Promotes general relaxation, relieves muscle tension, increases range of motion, and assists in reducing emotional and physical stress. Pressure can vary from light to firm.

Deep Tissue Massage (60/90 mins)

Releases chronic tension through slow, deliberate pressure on concentrated muscles. Provides relief for chronic tension and acute muscle spasms.

Hot Stone (60/90 mins)

Warm river stones are combined with Swedish massage techniques to melt away your cares. A beautiful warming experience!

Cupping (60/90 mins)

Cupping is a vacuum-type massage technique performed with handheld cups. Placing suction cups on the body creates a partial vacuum to reduce tension on the skin and tissues underneath. By creating suction and vacuum pressure, it can soften tight muscles and tone, loosen adhesions and lift up restrictive connective tissues. The specific technique brings hydration and blood flow to the body’s tissues. It can be used to move deep inflammation to the skin surface for release and drain excess fluid and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways. 

30 mins Reflexology

Reflexology is a type of manual therapy that involves applying pressure to the feet, ears, or hands. In recent years, this ancient Chinese practice has surged in popularity as a holistic therapy to relieve pain and stress. Reflexology is an effective way to improve circulation while helping to restore your body’s natural balance.

1 Hour Prenatal Massage