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Our signature facials include custom protocols to improve most skin conditions. In our treatments we combine organic and pharmaceutical-grade professional skincare products with the latest technology to help you achieve a youthful and radiant complexion, clear the skin, prevent and combat signs of aging. 

Classic European (55 mins)

Perfect choice for first-time clients, or those who are not sure what treatment to choose. Our Esthetician will customize the treatment based on the in-depth skin analysis. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, basic extractions or face massage and masking are to be expected.

Deep Pore Cleansing (75 mins)

This deep pore cleansing facial was created specifically for those with acne-prone, problem skin. The goal of this treatment is to clean the pores, reduce breakouts, and generate healthy, vibrant new skin cells. Steaming, extractions, high-frequency treatment, and a cooling jelly mask are included with this facial.

NanoFacial (55 mins)

The Rezenerate Nano Facial is the newest skin care modality on the market. It uses nanotechnology to bring you the same great results as more invasive systems without any of the negatives. Nanotechnology science is changing the world. It has produced better medicine, better electronics, better air quality, and now better skin care…with the Rezenerate NanoFacial. The Rezenerate NanoFacial reduces fine lines and leaves your skin feeling & looking younger. Utilizing cutting-edge Nanotechnology, the pressure points of Acupressure, principles of Yogic facial exercises, and the cool touch of Cold Therapy, Rezenerate NanoFacial delivers unparalleled ‘Rezults! This treatment is customized for each client for their specific indications. This is a great choice for someone who wants a corrective treatment without any downtime!

Dermaplane Facial (75 mins)

Take your facial treatment to the next level. This facial will leave your skin glowing and provide with immediate results with no downtime. Includes deep cleansing, dermaplaning, gentle enzyme treatment, extractions (in needed), high frequency, soothing mask or LED light therapy treatment depending on specific concerns

HydroDermabrasion Facial (55 mins)

Hydrodermabrasion is the latest innovation currently trending in the skincare industry.. This triple and advanced technology optimizes the entire treatment by concurrently stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow. This new technology combines water and exfoliation to effortlessly exfoliate and reveal a healthier more radiant texture. Hydrodermabrasion has proven to be the best alternative for sensitive skin types, looking for a gentle, yet hydrating exfoliation. Hydrodermabrasion can be performed on all skin types including those with aging, blemished, dull, dehydrated, oily, and uneven skin tone. Through the reduction of oil and congestion, the appearance of the pores are considerably minimized. Additional benefits include the reduction of mild acne scars, puffy eyes, and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The Hydrodermabrasion facial lasts about an hour and the results of radiant, smooth, and rejuvenated skin are instant.

Buccal Lift Facial (90 mins)

This custom facial treatment will leave your skin completely rejuvenated and younger-looking. Buccal Facial Lift is an advanced facial consisting of a deep cleanse, exfoliating enzyme peel, sculpting & buccal face massage (intraoral massage of the cheek), hydrating hydrojelly mask accompanied by a relaxing arm and hand massage, serum & moisturizer application. Eye & lip treatments are also included.

Rejuvenation Dream Facial (90 mins)

This a perfect combination of a rejuvenating facial treatment and a beauty nap. Yes, you have heard it right. Treat your skin to a fully customized European facial, which begins with an in-depth skin analysis. Your skin is then cleansed, toned, and a natural enzyme peel mask is applied, followed by steaming and extractions (if needed). Your skin is rejuvenated further with an anti-aging facial massage and LED light therapy (aka ‘Beauty Nap”) for the best results. You will leave with younger and healthier looking skin, and excellent mood.

Microcurrent Face Lift (75 mins)

The ultimate workout for your face to keep your muscles and skin ‘active’. It’s the non-invasive way for you to maintain your youthful appearance, sculpt cheeks and jaw, get a brow lift and minimize facial lines and wrinkles.

True Microcurrent™ is low level electrical impulses that mimic the body’s own natural signal to communicate to the muscles and skin cells. When a microcurrent facial device is slowly moved over your entire face and neck, it sends low-level electrical pulses through your skin and deep down into your muscles and connective tissues in a way that’s very similar to using weights at the gym.

Benefits of a micro current face lift:

– Increased your circulation.
– Tightened and toned skin.
– Boosted natural collagen and elastin production.
– Lifted and sculpted appearance.
– Diminished dullness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

For best results a series of 6-10 treatments must be performed 1-2 times per week.